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Tanisha Bhana has made an impressive name for herself so early in her career
Jessica du Preez
4 October 2011


Tanisha bhana is a new artist on the scene in Johannesburg South Africa. Tanisha ‘s art its mostly influenced by her experience in the legal profession and her experiences whist travelling around the world. Tanisha Bhana is an artist who is making a good name for herself from the start of her career, as she has won the Juried Lovell Gallery Competition in May 2011. Many of Tanisha’s  art is inspired by historical myths and beliefs
“Good art is hard to come by  these days, art has become so modern and has lost its capability to express the emotion and feeling that the artists are trying to convey in their painting and drawings “says Samantha Moon, a graphic design graduate from the Vega design school and an artist too trying to make a name for herself in today’s art community
A person unfamiliar with the art world would not think that the artwork put together by this great aspiring artist was by one person, The portfolio of  Mrs Bhana is so diverse in terms of ideas and different techniques when  looking at the different art work. Most of her artworks come from completely different trains of thought, from one artwork being a portrait on a man whose skin has been replaced with photos of what looks to be a bird eye view in the Johannesburg central business district to an oil painting of a landscape with vivid colour usage, a thunderstorm taking place in the background, a noose hanging in the centre and a baobab tree on the left.
Tanisha has captures her feelings in her artwork without making the canvas too busy. Moods and feelings are set in the painting by the different brush strokes used, the colours and the styles of painting  chosen.

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When Ethan Norris, a student from Monas High school was asked why art is so important and how art has changed in the last ten years his responses were” Art is extremely important in today’s society as it gives us different perspectives of what art really is. “There are no restrictions regarding art nowadays, therefore less is more and simplicity is the key to modern art. Although realistic artwork and the classical and impressionistic styles are still used, they have evolved in such a way over the past ten years that they are not as prominent as the modern/ abstract art, It has also had a great influence on our architecture and many other artistic designs”.

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Although Tanisha Bhana is bound to give a few artists a lesson or two in creativity, she does have some tough competition whilst on her way to the top of her career.
Tanisha’s art pieces can be seen on

Samantha Moon – Vega design school graduate and aspiring artist.
Ethan Norris - scholar and art student at Monas High school
Kirsty ann Welch - student at AAA design school

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